Safety Protocols

COVID-19 Guidelines
The Dennis A. Wicker Civic & Conference Center adheres to Lee County and North Carolina state guidelines regarding indoor capacity, face masks and safe social distancing. Learn more by visiting by the State of NC website.
Fire Code
Fire code prohibits chairs in aisles and/or block entrances and exits. Neither the fire alarm pull or any of the Dennis A. Wicker Civic & Conference Center's doors may be blocked. Pyrotechnics, firecrackers, open flames, luminaries, fog or smoke effects and laser light shows are prohibited. All building capacity limits must be observed in accordance with the fire code. Questions and concerns may be addressed to the fire chief.
Hanging Ceiling Rigging
Generally, metal lighting structures, lights and speakers hung over stage or where people may be in danger of injury due to support failure will require a $1,000,000 liability policy assigned to the Civic Center. All hung items must be double-safe tied with steel cable and shackles and certified by a trained rigging professional. Nothing may be hung, attached or suspended from any part of the building without consent from facility management.
Hazards & Hazardous Materials
Please report any spills or hazards to a staff member as soon as possible. Hazardous materials are not allowed in or on Dennis A. Wicker Civic & Conference Center property without written approval. Hazardous materials must be properly and clearly labeled.
Motorized Vehicles
Motorized vehicles or equipment will not be permitted inside of the building unless prior authorization has been given from facility management. In the event any vehicle is on display, all fire regulations pertaining to exhibits must be strictly adhered to.
Parking Lots
Parking is not permitted in the fire lane. Unauthorized vehicles parked in loading dock areas, or any other unauthorized location will be ticketed and/or removed at the owner’s expense. The parking lot may not be used for commercial exhibits, displays, promotions, etc. without consent from the Dennis A. Wicker Civic & Conference Center.
Portable Walls and Freight Doors
Only Dennis A. Wicker Civic & Conference Center personnel are authorized to move portable walls, open and close freight doors, turn on lights, change thermostat setting and/or unlock doors.
Power Connections
Power connections requiring access to panel lugs and junctions must be connected by a licensed electrician who is licensed in NC.
Any event serving alcoholic beverages are required to have uniformed security officers as prescribed by facility management. Any person whose conduct is disorderly or disruptive shall be refused entrance or shall be immediately ejected from the premises. Lessee assumes full responsibility for the acts and conduct of event invitees and attendees.
Setup Requirements
Adequate aisle space and door clearance must be allowed in accordance with fire marshal requirements. All safety issues should be considered when planning your event.